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Boogying and being Care-free!

This August bank holiday weekend I attended Leeds Festival for the 6th year running! I absolutely love it there; there's nothing quite like chilling in, or dancing around, a field watching live music all day long! Especially when we have weather like this year - an average temperature of 26 degrees all weekend!

Now, take a look at this quick video:

Now the music may not be your thing (DJs aren't always my thing to be honest, I'm more of a punk rock/pop punk girl myself), and you might be feeling claustrophobic just looking at that crowd. BUT, do you see what all these people have in common? They're all jumping and dancing around and, more importantly, they look like they're having a good time and enjoying themselves. I can tell you now, that's exactly right.

While I was at the festival this year, I ended up people watching like I always do wherever I go. And it was so nice to see people of all ages, who were fans of different bands/artists/DJs, dancing around with smiles on their faces. Everyone just seemed so care free, soaking up the sun, and you could argue that the music was the stimulus for this... but, as a brief observation, the people stood still watching the music seemed to keep a neutral expression, whereas those dancing along to the music were the ones wearing the beaming smiles.

It has been proven by research that dancing releases endorphins which help to boost your mood. But you don't need extensive research to prove this; I've seen it and felt it first hand! And you can bet I'll be back at Bramham Park over the August 2020 bank holiday weekend for my 7th Leeds Festival!

What festivals/concerts have you been to? Do you have any experiences where dancing around made you happy and care free? Share your stories in the comments! And don't forget: comment any blog posts/topics you want to see!

Peace out, H x

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