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✨Accept what has been and embrace what is to come✨

Updated: May 7, 2020

Day 45 of lockdown, sat in my make-shift dance studio, and I’ve been doing some personal and professional reflection...

Like many self employed people/small businesses, the initial UK lockdown back in March sent me into utter meltdown. How was I going to make a living if I had to stop running my dance classes due to studio closures?!😰 after all, I had left my part time job in January to go full throttle with my business, so I had no furloughing options or holidays/annual leave to use, I felt like I was screwed! Not to mention the fact I couldn’t see my loved ones until I don’t know when either...

But after a few days of feeling helpless and like my world was caving in, I decided I had to do something. It was time to adapt. So I did what many fitness instructors have done, I took to Zoom and started running my sessions online. Admittedly, these didn’t take off with huge numbers turning up, but a few customers of mine from The Studio Gainsborough decided to take a chance and embrace this temporary new way of teaching!🙌🏻

Pretty much every single day I wish I could be back in that studio teaching people, rather than doing it from my living room on a tiny screen! 🥺 but if I try to look on the positive side, I’m thankful that I am actually able to still do what I love, and if I bring joy to those who tune in well that’s the icing on the cake! And hey, at least I’m saving on mileage and petrol costs right?!🤣

Outside of the sessions themselves, I’ve tried to be as productive as I can be, working on all the “boring” behind the scenes stuff that goes into running a business and often ends up getting left to one side for days/weeks at a time when I’m busy teaching several classes a day on back-to-back days, with all my travelling on top of that! And quite honestly, I feel somewhat refreshed, like I’ve been given the gift of time (even though I’d much prefer to spend it teaching and being with loved ones)!

We can’t go back in time and change the damage this pandemic has done to us health-wise, financially, mentally, or otherwise. But what we CAN change is our mindset moving forward. Some people will have jobs to go back to, I still have a business running... but will I still have customers when I get back to The Studio? Right now, I can only keep my fingers crossed and be optimistic that I do - and hopefully I can have even more dancers join me! Am I going to spend each day worrying about it? Absolutely not.

Back in July 2018, when I ran my first ever class, do you know how many people turned up? 0. That’s right, not a single person. How many likes did I have on my social media pages? Probably less than 50, all of which were people I was friends with on Facebook. How many classes did I teach? 2 per week.

Fastforward to the weeks leading up to lockdown... how many people turned up to my group classes? Anywhere from 2 people to nearly 20 people. How many likes did I have on social media? Around 370 Facebook likes, 180 Instagram followers and 4 YouTube subscribers. How many classes was I teaching a week? On a full week I had 10 classes including group sessions, private/one-to-one sessions, and even two visits a week to Grosvenor care home for an Armchair Dance/Exercise class!

Now we’re in lockdown... how many people turn up to group classes? About 2-4 people. How many likes do I have on social media? 441 likes/458 follows on Facebook, 221 Instagram followers and 16 YouTube subscribers - and I’m even on TikTok with nearly 1000 likes already! How many classes am I teaching a week? 5 (3 group classes & 2 private sessions).

The point is: things are unpredictable every single day in my business. They go up, they go down, they bounce back up again. So what do I intend to do when the UK lockdown lifts again? Bounce right back up and embrace what’s on the path ahead, giving you the best quality classes I can offer, and boosting physical & mental well-being, one dance move at a time!👊✨

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