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A warm hello!

Hi there, welcome to the blog section of my website!

First of all, I ought to point out that I am not a blogger at all! But I've always got so much to say and so many opinions and stories to share, and when I started creating my website I thought "hey, let's give it a go - who knows who might be interested!"

My blog posts will consist of all things dance! From experiences, to achievements, to anecdotes, to facts, to science/health benefits, and so much more!

If any bloggers out there have any suggestions on how to improve the blog, don't hesitate to comment! And if anyone ever has any posts in mind that they'd like to see then fire away! This blog is as much about what YOU want from Hannah Danielle Dance as it is me trying to increase my brand awareness!

Well, that's all for now - thank you for reading and I hope you continue to follow my blog & my business!

Peace out, H x

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